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waLLtastiK for Kustom & LL

0.99 usd

waLLtastiK is a Preset for Kustom LWP.This Preset only work with Kustom Live Wallpaper.with Lightning Launcher, Tasker and Whicons.
5 Pages horizontal + vertical Favorites
Navigation by Scroll or Tap. Resolution is 1920x1080 (w/o Navkeys).Should work with other Resolutions and Navkeys too, you may need to adjust the frombot global within kustom.
RSS-Feed scrolls up and down with arrows.Agenda scrolls also up and down with arrows.Weather scrolls forward and backwards with arrows.
2 different Backgrounds and opt. Cover as Background.
Quotes on Home based on Komponent by +Carla Jacobs
Applications you need:
Lightning Launcher >= 12.8:
Kustom LiveWallpaper /pro:
You may need Whicons:

Important Information:

If you never used one of the listed Applications before or if you are not prepared to show some self-initiative and to learn by yourself, then It’s better to stop here !!
The additional Applications and Widgets you need to use this Theme/Template are NOT included.
Additionlal ConfigurationFiles (Tasker, LL-Template) are here:
Do the Taskerstuff and Kustomstuff before you load the Template in LL !

Copy ll_klwp_wkgt_notify.prj.xml file to following folder on you sdcardExample: /sdcard/Tasker/projects/Import Settings in Tasker (press Home-Icon > Import)

Kustom: LWP
Start Kustom LWP and load installed Preset waLListiKIf you have OnScreenNavkeys so adjust the Global: Frombot. try it with 80.
Set Screens to 5 !! Save.

Lightning Launcher:
A:Copy waLLtastiK_LLTemplate to following FolderExample: /sdcard/LightningLauncheror B:install de.werksmannschaft.lltemplate.walltastik.apk (recommended)In LL goto Settings > Lightningin case A: Backup, restore or ... > select waLLtastiK_LLTemplatein case B: Load a Template > Select waLLtatsiK for LL
next:do not merge, select replaceuncheck Load the Wallpaperdone
You need JavaScript enabled within LL
After you start the new installed App/Theme you may get the error that LL is stopped. Dont worry it should work anyway.

Have Fun
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